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Single Round Orange Braided Leather Bracelet

Single Round Orange Braided Leather Bracelet

Men's Single Round Orange Braided  Leather Bracelet with Vintage Finish Tubular Press Clasp, 8.5" long with 0.34 inch (H).

Distressed Leather Bracelets: Meet the season's new men's accessory. These worn-out Italian Leather Bracelets feature a Vintage Finish Magnetic Clasp. It is a great pair with moto Leather Jacket for all style and a no-brainer with Jeans.

Using Slide Magnetic Adjustable Link:

1. Using both hands, grasp each side of the clasp with your thumb and forefingers.
2. Using gentle pressure, slide the clasp apart in an up/down motion until the bracelet is fully open.
3. To close, reverse the steps above.

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